200px-Ash (Earth-10005)-1-
Real Name Unknown
Current Alias Ash
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Alignment Bad
Occupation Terrorist
Affiliation formerly Brotherhood of Mutants
Status Unknown
First appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Last appearance X-Men: The Last Stand
Portrayed by Lance Gibson


X-Men: The Last StandEdit

Ash was a mutant and member of the Morlocks then of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He helped in invading Alcatraz as part of the second wave. His current status is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Solid-Ash Skin: Ash has skin that resembles solidified molten rock. It's unknown if this gave him and increased strength or durability.
  • Burning Ash Breath: Ash could breath out burning volcanic ash out of his mouth. The power of it was enough to knock human soldiers off their feet. The intensity of the heat is unknown.